The 19th  ATV’s Audit Competition Challenges the chosen teams on their accounting and auditing skills like no other. The Participants will have the chance to prove their abilities through writing test, quiz and audit planning competition. It is designed for the participants to experience the real auditors’ life with ATV’s trademark audit simulation.



Participants will gain a broader insights of audit from the experts. Moreover, they will also get a chance to share their knowledge and analytical abilities in response to audit problems through audit case forum.


company visit

Participants will visit one of the big four accounting firms, followed by another visit to an e – startup office. They will gain interesting also beneficial knowledge of how audit practices has been developed through these days.



The 19th training will give insightful knowledge and experience regarding The Era of Technology-Driven Industry to participants. It will also enhance the competency of participants in facing and preventing the risks, especially fraud in the audit process.