The Biggest and Oldest Auditing Event In Indonesia

With our grand theme


The 20th ATV Competition is an audit competition unlike any other. This event will put your accounting and auditing skills to the test of our upmost standard. This year we will bring written test, quiz, and our signature Audit Simulation. By winning this event you have shown that you are an exceptional team ready to face the auditing world.

The 20th ATV Conference is the right place to develop critical skills and show brilliant ideas on audit issues, especially on financial shenanigans. Participants will make a paper about the issues and present their paper among judges from one of the big four. Then, they will be able to show and share their analytical abilities to discuss auditing issues through the Audit Case Forum.

The 20th ATV Training, which aiming for practitioners and graduate students, will give insightful knowledge and experience of audit in the eyes of an Internal Auditor. The participants will dive deep into the topics of risk management and risk-based auditing by using the available frameworks. This training will enhance the competency of participants in facing the current risks of the ever-changing world of organizations.

The 20th ATV Company Visit Participants will visit one of the big four accounting firms, followed by another visit to one of the best internal auditor company. From this visit, we expect to give participants a knowledge about the working environment of the related companies.

The 20th ATV Seminar presents to give you ravishing knowledge about the prevalent problems deal with auditors by questioning the integrity and independence of auditors based on recent cases that will be discussed by practitioners who are experts in their fields. Form the discussion, participants were also invited to find solutions that were examined from internal audit and risk management of a company.

The Birth of Audit

Written by: Bernadette Tay Designed by: Alfreza Hanin Safira What is audit? The word "audit" derives from the Latin word audire which means …