IT Audit Tools Software

IT Audit Tools Software helps the Auditor in carrying out his profession, both in terms of speed and accuracy. There are some software that can be used as a tool in the implementation of information technology audits.

ACL (Audit Command Language) – Generalized audit software, allows auditors to be able to access various types of data and perform various operations to test it comprehensively.

Picalo – CAAT (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques) software that works using the Front end GUI and has many features for ETL as the main process in extracting and opening data. Its main advantages are flexibility and a good front end to the numeric Python Library.

Powertech Compliance Assessment – Automated audit tool to audit and benchmark user access to data, public authority to libraries, user security, system security, system auditing and administrator rights (special authority) of a server.

Nipper – An open source based tool to help professionals audit, configure, manage computer networks, and network infrastructure devices.

Nessus – Software used to check the level of vulnerability of a system within the scope of security used in a company.

Wireshark – The most used network protocol analysis application in the world. Wireshark can capture data and interactively track the traffic that runs on a computer network.