What is the 16th ATV FEB UI?

Audit Competition, Conference, Training, and Company Visit (ATV) presented by StudiProfesionalismeAkuntan Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (SPA FEB UI) is the biggest audit event in Indonesia. ATV aims to provide students from all over Indonesia who are curious and enthusiastic about the world of auditing, a place to discuss and apply critical thinking to relevant issues that auditors are facing today through our Conference. The unique learning experience that our Conference provide is invaluable as you will be able to get inside the minds of experts and students alike, to hear different perspective on a wide range of topics.

This opportunity also provides a chance to meet people from different walks of life that are as interested in Auditing as you are. In the spirit of friendly competition students will push themselves and their understanding of auditing and general accounting in our annual audit competition where they’ll be able to test they’re knowledge against other students from all over Indonesia. A gauntlet of challenging and interesting tasks and simulations await our participants as they compete for the grand prize.   Moreover, ATV also holds Training and Company Visits, aimed to introduce the realities that auditors face everyday and the necessary skills that are expected from a seasoned auditor. Students will hear from experts around the industry and gain skills that are invaluable for future auditors.

Be a participant in our greatest event


The 16th ATV’s Training will give participants hands on experience with the techniques and skills used everyday by forensic auditors. Participants will be guided by experts to learn techniques used in investigating frauds and its implentation on eradicating frauds in the public sector. Participants won’t be listening to a traditional lecture instead they are “learning by doing” through specific tasks and problems designed specifically for beginners and introduction purposes. Experts, such as ACFE and Mr. Theo Tuanakotta will introduce participants to the world of forensic audit and give participants a crash course on forensic audit to paint them a broad picture of what forensic auditing is about, what it entails, why the Public Sector needs forensic auditors now more than ever.

Company Visit

For many students, ATV’s Company Visit will be their first glimpse into the real world working atmosphere of an auditor. This year in accordance with our grand theme “Forensic Audit to Enhance Accountability in the Public Sector” participants will visit EY* and KPK*. We believe both of these destinations is ripe with the culture and atmosphere most students will find themselves in after graduation. They provide a reputable source for the participants to poke and prod about their future in the industry. After the company Visit participants will go home fresh with new experiences and intriguing possibilities that lies ahead in their future.


As the biggest audit competition held by students in Indonesia, ATV annually holds an audit competition for students all over Indonesia. This year’s competition aims to develop and challenge students’ academic skills and knowledge about audit. Besides that, it will also encourage friendly competition and good sportsmanship by engaging in profesionalism among participants, as a future auditor. Moreover, participants will get to experience how real auditors work in our Audit Planning and Audit Simulation with our facilitators from the Big Four Accounting firms. The stages are divided by three, they are Preliminaries, Semi-finals, and Grand Finals. Each stage will confront participants with tasks that challenges different aspects of an auditors profession. By the end, participants will have gained a unique experience in Auditing and a new perspective on the auditing profession.


This year’s Conference will be particularly stimulating for participants as our grand theme: “Forensic Audit to Enhance Accountability in the Public Sector” is inherently thought provoking and timely given the current situation of corruption and fraud in Indonesia. This years conference hopes to shine a light on our public sector, a topic we believe haven’t been explored quite enough by the auditing community and especially through the lens of forensic audit. We hope to collect students all over Indonesia who are passionate about this topic and introduce them and their fresh ideas with the experience and wisdom of experts in the industry. 3 main components we believe will elevate your thinking about forensic audit: 1) Preliminary Rounds, a place to express your ideas and gain feedback from your peers and a panel of professionals 2) Paper presentation, is the place to improve your confidence and public speaking skills, 3) Audit Case Forum, an opportunity for you to connect with your peers consisting of undergraduate students from all over Indonesia , academics, and practitioners, each of course bringing their own perspective to the table These clash of ideas and backgrounds will make for an interesting and hopefully productive discussion that will disect the problems that forensic auditors face today in the Public Sector. A stimulating and thought provoking roundtable passionate on fixing problems and making the world a better place for everyone.